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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Amma The Divine Mother and the Sword of Archangel Michael


"Shortly before Amma began teaching about encodements, she showed us how to connect with the pillar of light as well as how to use the sword of Michael the Archangel. "

"When she speaks of the pillar of light, this is what others may call the pranic tube. A healthy pranic tube comes in through your crown, down your spine and into the center of the earth."

"The Pillar of Light is, in essence, the energy of Source.

In her first messages, the Pillar of Light was about 18 inches in front of us. In various readings she gave suggestions on how to use the Pillar of Light energy which, for many people on the spiritual path, is now surrounding them."

“You have what is called the pillar of light which goes through the crown of your head, down the spine and into the earth. It begins at the source of God. ...

Feel that right now. It goes through your crown, down your spine and down into the center of the earth. ...

Now imagine yourself breathing in and out of your heart. You are now centered and you are grounded. This is the first way to practice living your life, centered and grounded.

... This Pillar of Light begins at the Source of God and goes to the center of the universe. ... It is multi-dimensional. ...

 After you have practiced being centered and grounded, practice being connected to the Pillar of Light ... Notice that first you center and ground, and then you connect to the Pillar of Light ...

By being connected to this Pillar of Light ..., you are in the Now.

You are not in the past and you are not in the future. You are in the Now. It is in the Now, and only in the Now, that you can do the work you are here for.

The Pillar of Light ...has a marvelous ability to transmute negativity into love. ...

This next tool is the sword of Michael, Mich-a-el. In any picture you see of Mich-a-el, he has a sword in his hand. It is always unsheathed. It is now time for you, too, to have that sword. Place your dominant hand palm up. He will put the sword in your hand. Feel the hilt of it in your hand. Feel the weight of it, the power of it.

Now bring it before your heart, point up. ...

Activate your heart. Focus on your heart and ask it to expand. Bring more light and energy into your heart. Feel how the sword itself is activated. This sword is protection and it is a weapon of love. It cannot be used to harm. It cannot be used in any way except love....

Now see yourself in the etheric holding Michael’s sword in your dominant hand. ... Feel the blaze of Light and energy coming from the sword and surrounding you."

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