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three biggest threats posed by GMOs

Unfortunately, many articles about GMO's do not mention the three biggest threats posed by GMOs.

The pollen from GMO crops permanently contaminates other crops which can not be reversed or cleaned up.

Mexico recently banned GMO's because their indigenous corn varieties are being contaminated by our genetically modified (GM) corn.

There is no such thing as coexistence with GMOs.

When all the conventional and organic seed supply has been irreversibly contaminated, then all seeds will legally belong to Monsanto, et al, because all the seeds will contain their patented genes.

See why this is so important?

Genetically engineered foods are created with genes derived from bacteria and viruses and are intentionally made to be antibiotic resistance.

GMO foods contain antibiotic resistance marker genes that help producers know whether the new genetic material was transferred to the host plant or animal. These viruses have been shown to mutate. GMOs could make disease-causing bacteria even more resistant to antibiotics, which could increase the spread of disease throughout the world.

Remember the 2009 flu pandemic involving H1N1 influenza virus which contained genes from bird, swine and human flu viruses? Nature does not mix genes from different species.

Some GMO foods actually contain the pesticide itself, which is designed to destroy the gut of the insect. Studies show GMO genes transfer into the bacteria living inside our intestines, and continue to PRODUCE gut destroying PESTICIDES.

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Icelandic Online Dictionary

Icelandic Online Dictionary

v (acc) ( sér; sá, sáu, séð )
1. see            
(skynja með augum)                          
~ vel
have good eyesight
2. (koma auga á) spot, perceive
3. (skilja) understand, see
þú hlýtur að ~ þetta
you must understand this
4. refl
see you soon!
láta ~st á/í e-ð
let this be seen
~st yfir e-ð
overlook this                                      
see you soon!
5. pp
e-ð er illa séð
this  is frowned upon
hann er ekki allur þar sem hann er séður
'appearances can be deceiving'
6. phrases
ég sé þetta á honum
I can tell by his looks
á að ~
to look at
~ aumur á e-m
take pity on                                      
láta á ~
look the worse for wear
~ að sér
better oneself, mend one's ways
~ af e-u
lose this                                       
~ eftir e-u
regret/miss this                                      
~ eftir e-m
miss this                                       
~ fram á e-ð
foresee this                                       
~ e-ð fyrir
foresee this                                       
~ fyrir endann á e-u
see that this  is coming to an end
~ fyrir e-m
provide for this , support this                                      
ekki mátti á milli ~
it was impossible to see the difference
~ til
(hafa næga birtu) have enough light to see      
            (bíða átekta) wait and see
~ til e-s
see to this                                       
~ um e-ð
take care of this                                       
~ sig um hönd
change one's mind, have a change of heart
~ e-n út
see through this                                      
~ út úr e-u
see a light at the end of the tunnel
~ e-ð út undan sér
see this  out of the corner of one's eye
~ við e-u
take precautions against this                                       
~ við e-m
get the better of this                                      
~ ofsjónum yfir e-u
be envious about this                                      
~st yfir e-ð
overlook this

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Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid



Inspiration and new life are here! Rejoice, for spring is in the air and you’re beginning again.

This marker bodes well for any new project, endeavor, relationship, or idea to take shape and to be birthed into the world. It also reminds you that anything old or painful can be brought forth or transformed by a new and creative perspective.

This marker reminds you that the process leading up to a birth can feel cumbersome, restrictive, painful, and never-ending, yet the final shift brings an extraordinary gift of new life, a new vision born out of surrender, and a total release.

 Know that you’ve come far and are at a place to celebrate your ideas and all things anew.

This card asks that you align yourself with the Mystery of Spirit— the true source of creative energy and power.

None of us are inspired without the subtle and profound influence of the soul’s longing and the urgings of the Divine.

Remember the prayer, “Make me a channel for Divine creativity; use me as an instrument of a Higher Will,” and watch a miracle unfold.
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My thoughts and opinions evolve, because I like to keep an open mind as I gain new knowledge. Please note that I do not always agree with and take no responsibility for the opinions or statements found on other sites when you follow links elsewhere. Many techniques and ideas I talk about are a complementary alternative for self-healing, self-help, and behavioral modification and are not meant as a substitute for standard medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment. Please consult with any professional of your choice. Any action you may choose to take in following any information or suggestions are completely of your own choice for which you take complete responsibility. Please use your own judgment of what is right for you.

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